Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The end of summer

Here are a few highlights of the last month or so...
Chase and Morgan enjoying each other stroller's
Enjoying Park Ave without the traffic.
The Young Women in our ward tied a quilt for our YW's President, she had a little baby girl.
Eliot, Morgan and Chase enjoyed free swimming lesson at the public pool.
Labor Day weekend with family.

Tyler's Broken Hand
Tyler, the day after he had a procedure done on his hand, he ended up with two pins to keep is pinkie in place.  The foam cast helped to keep is hand elevated. 
A couple weeks into it, looking good.
Chase leaving his mark before the cast came off.

Friday, September 5, 2008

ok, ok, here is Hawaii, part 2

I know, I know its been a while since I posted and here is the long over due Hawaii, part 2.

We started out in Oahu for three days and then spent 5 days on beautiful Kauai.  Some of the highlights were jumping on a rope swing over a waterfall, kayaking up a river to a secret waterfall and taking a catamaran and snorkeling on the Napali Coast and last but not least hanging out on the beach with all 17 of us.  Yes, we really are our own travel group (29 of us when we travel with kids).  

In traveling with so many people you are bound to have a few mishap's and we definitely had our fair share, canceled and delayed flights, swimming with cell phones and best of all a broken hand. As many of you know, Tyler broke his hand the first day we were in Kauai while jumping off the rope swing.  We ended up in the emergency where he was put in a splint and sling for the rest of the trip.  Although it limited what he could do, he was a true champ and a great sport, thank you sweetie, I know it wasn't easy.

The best part of the trip was simply spending time with my family.  I feel very fortunate to have great relationships with each one of my brothers and sisters and my parents.  We are a family that may not always agree but one thing is for sure we have a great time together and I love them very much.  

Tyler and Dave (brother) trying out new swim wear
Front (L-R) Spencer, Matt, Dave, Hayes, Lisa, Mom, Cyd, Cara, Stephanie; in front Erin and me
Tyler and I at Hanauma Bay 
All the ladies at the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" 
The kayaking trip, as you can see Tyler was working really hard.

Hayes and Lisa
Hiking to the waterfall
The Napali Coast, was absolutely beautiful I loved every part of.
Matt, Mom and Dad Napali Coast

My older sister created a short video of our time in Hawaii for my parents, you can see us jumping off the rope swing if you choose to watch, click here.

Upcoming blogs, broken hand cont., moving to a bigger place and the end of summer.