Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow anyone?

I must admit I love winter however this year has been a disappointment. I haven't been able to ski, with the exception of one time at Christmas and to make matters worse Utah has been getting pounded every since then. My parents have close to 4 ft' of snow in the front yard and last Monday the entire fam went snow shoeing at our cabin - talk about unfair. I don't mind the cold as long as there is snow and this year the city hasn't seen much so needless to say that when we woke up to 6" on Friday I had to take Chase out and play in the snow - we called his friend Eliot and out we went. We bundled them up and headed for the courtyard of your apartment building. I can handle a few more weeks of winter as long as the white stuff will come again however if we don't have snow what's the point of being cold?????

Later that afternoon we decided to pull out the finger paints which lasted all of 2.5 minutes - here is a sample of his work.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Walking around town

As many of you know, Chase is always on the go and in order to help him burn some of his energy we are out everyday. We get bundled up and head out the door. Lately, I let Chase walk for a couple blocks, he thinks he is such a big boy, he hates to hold your hand and knows which direction he would like to head. Last Thursday with the 67 degree weather we headed out for a walk towards Morningside Park, thinking we would walk over and back. I should have known better, as soon as Chase saw the stairs it was over. There are about 100 stairs that led to Columbia University and Chase had to climb all of them, by the time we got home he walk right in and headed to bed for his afternoon nap. I didn't have the camera on me but we went back a couple days later and took some pictures. Here are pictures of Chase walking around town.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fashion Week

Last week started off with the NY Giants winning the Super Bowl and then thanks to a friend I was able to attend three shows at Fashion Week, Tibi, Badgley Mischka, and Cynthia Steffe. I had such a great time, the fashion was fabulous and I even recognized some of the celebrities. Let's just say I'm not the best in knowing who's who, so I'm sure I missed a number of celeb's. Here are a couple of pictures and a video from Fashion Week.
Tibi Photo's

Photo's from the Badgley Mischka show

Video of the Cynthia Steffe show

Monday, February 4, 2008

Where did January go?

As many of you know I have been home with Chase since the beginning of the year, we have had a great time. We spend our days playing with toys, working on words, going for walks and playing in the park. I am taking advantage of Chase's 3 hour naps to look and apply for a new job.

Some of the highlights of the past month:

Girls day out - Tyler watched Chase one Saturday so I could hang out with a couple of my friends, we went out to lunch, had pedi and mani, and saw the "Bucket List"

For New Beginnings with the YW we learn a "Step". Thanks to Tage (our YW presidents husband) who works at a middle school, he asked a couple girls to come and teach the YW a couple of "Step's". The girls did a great job. They will be performing for our ward talent show and also at Evening of Excellence at the end of the year. Here is a video of the girls learning the "step" (more video to come).

After a long week and weekend of working around the clock Tyler took a day off, which was a real treat for Chase and I. We decided to take advantage of Restaurant Week and made reservations at Mesa Grill, one of Bobby Flays restaurants. It was great to go out to lunch and walk around Union Square for an afternoon and thanks to Beth we were Chase free for a couple hours.

This past weekend Tyler and I went and saw U23D - if you like U2 I wouldn't miss it, it's like you are on the front row.