Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow anyone?

I must admit I love winter however this year has been a disappointment. I haven't been able to ski, with the exception of one time at Christmas and to make matters worse Utah has been getting pounded every since then. My parents have close to 4 ft' of snow in the front yard and last Monday the entire fam went snow shoeing at our cabin - talk about unfair. I don't mind the cold as long as there is snow and this year the city hasn't seen much so needless to say that when we woke up to 6" on Friday I had to take Chase out and play in the snow - we called his friend Eliot and out we went. We bundled them up and headed for the courtyard of your apartment building. I can handle a few more weeks of winter as long as the white stuff will come again however if we don't have snow what's the point of being cold?????

Later that afternoon we decided to pull out the finger paints which lasted all of 2.5 minutes - here is a sample of his work.


Mike and Ariane said...

Chase is a good sport!, didn't really look like he was enjoying it! Cute photos!

Beth&Cody said...

Looks like it will be awhile before the boys truly appreciate how fun snow can be. You are very brave with the finger paints. Very creative!