Monday, January 17, 2011


For Halloween Riley and I were the only ones to dress up this year. Chase wanted to be spiderman and wore his costume once it just wasn't on Halloween.
Our lil' witch
Given I still have a say in what Riley can be I figured we may as well be twin witches
Chase playing musical chairs at the ward Halloween party

Boo at the Zoo

October 2010
We went to Boo at the Zoo (the Bronx Z00), it was fun to see the zoo all decorated for Halloween and the kids had a great time.
Chase and Eliot running through the corn maze
Eleanor and Riley
Just one more fabulous family picture
Chase and Eliot enjoying the Elephants

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Next Stop is Chase Street

Chase's 4th Birthday - October 13, 2010
Anyone who knows Chase, knows how much he LOVES the subway so it was a natural choice for his 4th birthday. We made subway cupcakes, subway favor bags, even subway stops and thanks to his good friends Eliot and Kajsia he even got a subway shirt. It was a lot of fun to have a few friends over and all of his girl cousins, that were in town for a girls weekend, to help celebrate.
(We lost our camera shortly after Chase's bday and by the time we got a new one the Halloween decoration were already up but at least it give you a sense of what we did)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

An afternoon with friends

We meet up with Ashley, Eliot, Eleanor, Tamara, Tedrah and Rial at the Central Park Zoo and then walked through Central Park it was prefect afternoon.

Chase Started PreK

First Day of School
The biggest event this year (in my opinion) Chase started school and not just a couple hours 2 days a week, we are talking M-F 8:45 - 2:50. I was so nervous to have him start, he is my baby the thought of him in someone else's care for 32 hours a week was hard to swallow. I worried must about the outside influences, I mean we was 3 when we started, as I can't control his environment I have learned to trust him and what we have taught him. It made we realize just how important my role as a mother is and just how short my time with him really is.
I'm happy to report that he is doing better then I ever thought, I was sure on the first day he would be the one crying and not wanting me to go. It was just the opposite, he walked in and never looked back. I'm grateful for good teachers, Ms. Davis and Ms. Johnson have been wonderful.

After each unit they hold "Shining Star" award ceremonies, in October Chase received the "Future Author"

A Visit From Family

Tyler's brother and his family came for a visit, which was wonderful given we haven't seem them in 3 years as they had been living Germany. Not only did the kids have a great time getting to know their cousin's but it was great for Tyler and I as well.

Just a few highlights:
We headed out to The US OPEN - Billy Jean King National Tennis Center the day before the Open started and were able to watch a couple practice matching going on. Chase loved watching the tennis players...who knows maybe he'll take after is dad and play tennis in high school.

It was so hot and Chase kept asking for shade, he finally found some.

Bailey, Bryn, Chase and Avery at the Natural History Museum
Watching the duck/geese at the pond in the south part of Central Park

A Walk Along Battery Park

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to walk along Battery Park and up the Hudson, it's beautiful and the kids have a great time running, playing at playgrounds, watching the boat, etc.
I must be thinking of summer already...which might be because I'm currently freezing.

A Visit to the Transit Museum

On a rainy day in August we headed out to the Transit Museum, the kids love being able to run through all the old train cars and we were even able to get in on a little scavenger hunt the museum was doing.
Here is a side by side (or up and down) picture of the girls
August 2010
February 2010

Rogers' Grandkid Pictures

While in UT we had grandkid pictures taken, given my parents are up to 17 we decided to have one of my good friends Kami Averett take the pictures outside. Let's just say it was quite the adventure however Kami was fantastic and we ended up with a few great shots.
All 17
What a good looking group of boys
(I must admite this is probably one of my favorites)
Let's just say the girls had a much harder time - but we love them just the same.

Utah part 2

Tyler was traveling to CA and TX for work while we were in UT and he was able to stop over and spend the weekend with us. After we picked Tyler up from the airport we headed over to Temple Square, I felt like it had been years since we'd been there. The kids enjoyed walking around, playing in all the fountains and looking at the flowers.