Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chase Started PreK

First Day of School
The biggest event this year (in my opinion) Chase started school and not just a couple hours 2 days a week, we are talking M-F 8:45 - 2:50. I was so nervous to have him start, he is my baby the thought of him in someone else's care for 32 hours a week was hard to swallow. I worried must about the outside influences, I mean we was 3 when we started, as I can't control his environment I have learned to trust him and what we have taught him. It made we realize just how important my role as a mother is and just how short my time with him really is.
I'm happy to report that he is doing better then I ever thought, I was sure on the first day he would be the one crying and not wanting me to go. It was just the opposite, he walked in and never looked back. I'm grateful for good teachers, Ms. Davis and Ms. Johnson have been wonderful.

After each unit they hold "Shining Star" award ceremonies, in October Chase received the "Future Author"

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E.F.G. said...

you are on a serious blogging roll! i love all these catch up posts. they make me miss summer. keep 'em coming.