Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The much much more in UT

So in between the weddings and graduations we did manage to have some fun and just hang out with the fam.

My dad, brothers and brother's-in-law all play on a city softball team. Although they are not the best team they do have a great time playing.  Chase had a great time chasing all his cousin around the ball park.  Good Luck Guys!!!  We were also able to watch my nephew play little league ball. Go Ryan!!!
Steve after the game
Morgan, Abbie, Garrett, Emma at the ball park
Grandpa, Hailey, Cyd and Audrey

My brothers - Steve, Scott, Dave and Matt (Hailey)

We also visited the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point.  Chase was able to ride the pony's, pet the goats and feed the chickens.  Although Chase enjoyed the pets, he loved the little jail house and dance hall even more.
"Mommy get me off this pony"
Lisa, Emma and Ethan headed on a tracker ride
Mom and Chase
Micah, Chase, Garrett, Ethan and Emma - In Jail
The dance hall
One of the highlights was watching three of the little ones play soccer for the first time.  If you have never watch 4 and 5 year olds play soccer, it is a real treat.  Some even call it "magnet ball" since all the players follow the ball (all the time).  A quick synopsis of game 1 - they play 3 on 3, 4 8 minute quarters.  We start the game with 3 players on field, there is one little girl who can actually kick and follow the ball, however after the 1st quarter she fell apart.  She was crying and throwing her hands in the arm, yelling "mommy it's to hard" all because the other team was scoring and she couldn't.  Garrett one my nephew's has a total melt down and ends up in the car.  Emma (my niece) starts out strong, but then she is hot and tired and thirsty.  Ethan another nephew only wants to stand by the goal and will not kick ball (I'm sure it has to do with his older brother beginning a goalie) and the last little boy has wondered off to an empty field. In the end we had as many parents on the field as players.  The coach of the other time finally had his players all stand still and let each one of your players kick a goal.  Needless to say they have improved over the weeks.  I just love watching little kids play sports for the first time - I can't wait for Chase to start. (Video to come)
Emma and her attitude
Garrett on the field - "Hooray"
Garrett taking a break - with a smile

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Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

That is the funniest story of a peewee soccer game ever! I love it. I also can't wait for Morgan to start sports, especially soccer since it's my favorite. Cody already has Morgan practically measured for his football gear but we'll just see about that. What fun cousin time Chase had!