Thursday, February 26, 2009


Earlier this week, I attended a taping of the Martha Stewart show, which will be on tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 27), with group of friends.  Although the show was a tad on the boring side, sorry I'm just not a huge gardner or fish lover, we still had a great time.

For additional pictures see here and here. For highlights from the show check out Martha Stewart online after the show tomorrow afternoon.


Mike and Ariane said...

How fun! I agree, boring...but still fun! :-)

Harper + Sunny + Marc said...

You're right, Minde, it will grow. And I will go somewhere to get someone to fix it! I have to.

It was too bad I couldn't sit with you guys. But I thought it was funny and appropriate given my self-consciousness. Of course, I would rather have sat with all of you, self-consciousness aside, so we could have had a mini-dance party to the music they played. That might have been a highlight of the show for me!

Judd Family said...

How cool! I wish I had read this before the show aired. But I'm with you--not a big fan of doing those things.