Monday, March 23, 2009

Spending time in Utah

My youngest brother Matt just left for his mission, he will be serving in Catania, Italy.  Chase and I were able head out to Utah to spend some time with him before he left.  We wish him the very best.  I can't believe my baby brother is old enough to serve the Lord, he has a very strong testimony and I know he will touch many lives in the coming two years.
Entering the MTC
Matt and Chase
Matt and Garrett
I have a great time watching Chase play with ALL his cousins (aunts and uncles) he is getting so big and independent.

Chase and Micah playing in grandpa's sandbox
Steph and Chase out on the swings
He loved the sandbox
The Monday before Matt left we all went bowling, all the little kids had a great time, at least for the first 5 frames.
Chase loved bowling, especially watching the ball hit the pins 
Lisa and Taylor
Cyd and Hailey
Steven and Kristen and their kids flew in from IL to surprised Matt and the rest of us, for his farewell.  Although, it was a short trip it was great to see them.  Sunday afternoon after all the company left, I found Auston, and Hailey right behind him, at the front door standing on his tippy toes trying to open the door.  After several attempts he finally manage to get it open, he was ao proud of himself.


Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

Cute pictures. It's only been a few weeks but Chase looks like such a big boy! I can't believe how fast time has gone by with these little guys. Morgan and I were looking at the photo album you guys gave us before we left this morning and I was amazed at how much they've grown! Looks like a great family trip.

Deni Page said...

It was so good to see you! I am so glad you get to come out a few time a year. Miss you

Amie said...

Thanks for letting me know your blog address guys! I have you on my list, and it will be so fun to check in on you this way! Chase is SSSOOOOO cute!