Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake Powell

I've known since last summer that this years' vacation would be to Lake Powell with my family, I can't go more then a year without going,  it runs in my blood.  It's the only place where 110 degree weather is permitted and one of the few places where internet and cell service are hard to come by.

I love being on the water, water skiing, tubbing and exploring the canyons, but more then anything I love spending time with my family.  Given you are in close quarters for a week you don't have much of an option but to get along.  It allows us to reconnect as family and friends, we have a great time laughing, playing games and working together.   Growing up, I didn't ever understand why we couldn't bring friends along on family vacation, however I now look back and see that it was during those time when we grew as a family and friendship were made. There was a real value in spending time with each other way from our every day life and no doubt strengthen our relationships than and now.

Chase loved the water but only on his terms, we couldn't force him to get in but when he asked we jumped on it.  Once he was in, he loved to float, swim and splash everyone around.   Given we were the first ones up every morning we were able to enjoy some of the best water of the day and every morning Chase would have to warm up to the ski boat, by the end of the week he loved "grandpa's" boat and the house boat.   

Riley, she was a true champ, she loved riding on the boat and LOVED the water.  We even took her on the tube...just kidding it was only a photo op.  

All the cousin (or at least the ones at LP)
Thanks mom and dad for a great vacation.


Marci + Dan said...

Is there anything cuter than kids in life jackets? I doubt it.

scott and lindsey said...

Oh I LOVE Lake Powell!! It really is the best place on earth! I'm glad you guys had a fun vacation- i love carrying on those family traditions!

Kris and Linda said...

What cute pictures at Lake Powell. Riley has started to fill out since July especially in her face. It looks like you had a great time. MOM

E.F.G. said...

this looks so fun! ahhh summer. i had no idea they made little tiny life jackets. i'm glad ms. riley could enjoy the vacation too.

Judd Family said...

Love these pictures!!! We were so close to you when we were in Palymyra, and you were close to me at Lake Powell--yet like you said, still so far. Hope you are doing well--you look fabulous!