Monday, November 9, 2009

Back in Business

So, as you can tell blogging hasn't been happening/a priority lately it doesn't mean I haven't wanted to, it just means my time has been spent elsewhere (named Chase and Riley).   So here we go, I can't promise any kind of order but rather snap shots of the last several months.
Chase at 3
Chase turned 3, I can't believe how quickly they become little people.  He has always found a way to get what he wants, he in constantly pushing the chairs around the house in order to get whatever it is.  Lately he is all about getting his own food waffles, chicken, ice cream, milk, you get the idea, not a big deal as long as I'm around to help, right.  Well not long after he turned 3 I could hear him in the kitchen, chair and all, getting the waffles out of the freezer.  I told him I would be right there to help with the toaster and getting a plate, however by the time I reach the kitchen, maybe a minute later, he had already put the waffles in the toaster, pushed it down, got a plate out of the cupboard, utensils out, butter and syrup ready to go.  I just had to smile and cry just little at how self sufficient he is becoming. 

Other great things about Chase:
He loves letters and numbers
He loves the Subway, he knows all the subway stops
He loves "chicken and fries" 
He loves the park/playgrounds
He loves to play games with daddy on the wii 
He loves mommies iPhone
He loves to play with his friends
He loves to walk and walk and walk
He loves Riley and is a great big brother
Chase - Day 1
Chase at 1
Chase at 2
Chase you have been such a joy and a blessing to have in our home, we love you.


Beth, Cody, Morgan and Pepper said...

What a handsome little man. I love how independent he is. Morgan's new favorite phrase is "I do it by myself!" It's hard to let go of the control but fun to watch them learn and grow. Can't wait to see more pics on Riley.

Kris and Linda said...

I love the snapshot of the things that Chase likes. He is adorable. He blows me away with his love of numbers and letters. Mom

Judd Family said...

What a sweet post! Fun to see how darling he is (and how much he has grown up). I hope you are doing well!

Ryan Christensen said...

Very nice post. Keira is also becoming quite the independent one. Like your friend mentioned, one of Keira's favorite things to say is "I do it myself."

We're missing not coming to NYC this this fall. After coming the last couple yeas at this same time, it almost seems a bit strange not to visit. Keira asks every once in a while if Chase it going to be at Nana's. Our whole family certainly enjoyed your recent visit.