Monday, May 24, 2010

It's been too long, I know

I have a million excuse of why I haven't blogged but it wasn't until I was uploading our pictures for the year and realized just how few I have taken in the last 5 months. When I'm update our blog consistently I take more pictures; so now that we have a new computer and Riley is turning one this week and I have about half the number of pictures of her 1st year compared to Chase's 1st year...well lets say I'm recommitting to the blog more for myself then anyone else. So here we go.

A Snap Shot of the last 5 months.
January playing in the snow - Morningside Park

A Trip to Utah

Feeding Grandpa's horses with the cousin's
Ice Castles in Midway
Spring time in the NYC:
Tyler, Riley and Chase walking in the Conservatory Gardens, Central Park
Chase had found a piece of chalk at the playground, when I turned around he was writing the alphabet
Chillin' in Redhook, Brooklyn


noelle regina said...

Riley can walk?????

tyler and minde said...

Can you believe it...She's been walking for about 6 weeks, I'll post video later this week when I do her birthday post.

Marci Joy said...

Hooray for updates!