Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Vacation - Utah

The kids and I head back to Utah every summer and this year we spent 3 weeks hanging out with my family and having a great time. I always plan on seeing friends while I'm there unfortunately even with 3 weeks, I wasn't able to see everyone I wanted to...hopefully we'll catch up next time.
Auston, Jack, Audrey, Chase and Riley
We had a shower for my youngest sister Stephanie who was due on August 11th, but the little guy waited just long enough for a trip to Bear Lake and FHE at the cabin before he made is debut 8 days early.
Teagan Spencer

Chase and Riley loved my parents backyard - Riley would go around "picking the flowers", swinging on the swings and jumping on the trampoline.

The 1st thing Chase would ask in the mornings is if he could go jump on the tramp, he loved it.

We headed up to Bear Lake for the weekend which was great given we missed Lake Powell this year, however spending the day on the water made me miss LP even more. It's been years since I've been to Bear Lake and all I remembered is the fresh raspberry shakes, how cold the water was and having the worst sunburn of my life (we are talking covered in blusters bad), however I had forgotten just how gorgeous it is.
The kids had a great time playing on the sand, riding in the boat and playing with their cousins.
Chase loved riding on the boat, I don't think he moved from this spot all day.
Chase and Dave
Steven, and BFF's Audrey, Hailey and Taylor
Morgan and Ryan

FHE at the cabin
Morgan, Garrett, Ryan and Emma enjoying the great outdoors
Hailey, Riley, Taylor and Lissy
We hiked Stewart Falls:
Hanging out with the cousins at Thanksgiving Point:

The newest members of the Rogers Clan:
Jack (June 12) and Teagan (August 2)

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Judd Family said...

Minde--your kids are darling. You look fabulous! Glad you get to go see your family each year. That is a great tradition. I really love those new babies too! I hope you are well.