Sunday, December 2, 2007

He's on the move

Well, we had our first snow of the season this morning and it was beautiful. I love how peaceful everything seems right after the snowfall, and although it was freezing as we walked to church, it truly is beginning to feel like the Holiday season.

Here's an updated on the last couple of weeks. Work for me (Minde) was crazy in November; as we were preparing for our annual Benefit Dinner and Auction which happened on Monday, November 19th. The event went off without a hitch. I got off early on Wednesday and decided to take Chase down to see the balloons for the Thanksgiving parade, but on our way there he fell asleep in the stroller and missed the whole thing.

We flew out on Thanksgiving morning to spend the Holiday with Tyler's family in Michigan; it was great to see everyone. Let’s just say it was a much-needed vacation. Of course, Chase loved all the space to walk around, he did laps around the house non-stop. Thanks to Nana, he also learned how to go up the stairs, which quickly became his favorite thing to do. After just one time up the stairs he decided he could conquer it by himself. We were all in the kitchen talking and all-of-the sudden Chase was gone and no where to be found. I found him at the top of the stairs grinning from ear-to-ear, he was very proud of himself, and I was totally panicked. After that, we kept even a closer eye on him since he doesn't know how to come down; we'll tackle that I my parent’s house at Christmas.

While we were there, we also were able to web cam with Tyler's brother and his family in Germany. Isn't technology great!!!

Now that Chase is on the move we just had to take a small video, since he walks like Frankenstein. Isn't he cute?

This past Friday, Chase and I met up with my Aunt Suzy, who was in town on business, and walked around Lincoln Square, Central Park and Fifth Avenue. Although it was cold, we had a great time and Chase was a little trooper. That night we met up with Tyler and my cousin's Rachel and Gonz (who live in NJ) for dinner down in Chelsea. We had a great time catching up with everyone. We are looking forward to having Tyler's brother and his family in town this week along with my brother in-law and his mother.


Mike Matthews said...

That's about the cutest video i've ever seen...and I don't even like kids. Lil' Mikey is the man.

Beth&Cody said...

Wow you guys are busy. Makes me tired just thinking about all those guests! Great Frankestein walk as always.

Beth&Cody said...

oh, and you gotta love his sweater vests! mini-tyler fashion. very cute.

sunnyandmarc said...

Kids are funny. I always say. Chase is cutest when he is ____ (fill in the blank with anything).

chris, jamie, dane, maggie and cooper said...

Hey we just got your christmas card so cute. We are glad to find out y'all have a blog because we do to. Our blog is

Hope to catch up soon. jamie