Sunday, December 30, 2007

'Tis the season

We have had very busy month. Tyler's brother and his family came in from Michigan we had a great time seeing the City decorated for the Holidays. Chase loved having his cousin Keira around, they just followed each other everywhere. The same weekend my brother-in-law and his mom were in town. We meet up for Church and branch at Sylvia's in Harlem. We had a great time having fried chicken and waffles. The following Monday, my sister was in town on business, we met up for dinner and shopping along with Tyler's brother in Time Square. Although, it was an extremely busy week and weekend we had great time with everyone.

On our way to see Santa at Macy's

Keira was able to attend the last day of swimming lessons with Chase.

Two peas in a pod.

On December 8th my younger brother and his wife welcomed Auston (5 lbs 3 oz) and Audrey (5 lbs 11 oz) they are all doing great. Lucky for me they were staying with my mom when I arrived in UT, if was nice to be able to help out and spend some time with the little ones and my brother.

Also, on December 8th one of my good friends got engaged. Talk about a busy day. Well not for me just everyone I know.

I flew home on December 15th to spend a couple of weeks with my family. I made it in time to see one of my nieces perform at her holiday dance concert, it was very cute, she loved the jiggle bells. My time was spent visiting family, finishing my Christmas shopping and playing well chasing Chase around my parents home. Let's just say he never stopped moving!!! After falling down the stairs a couple of times he finally mastered coming down the stairs and I must say he is pretty fast for a kid who just learned how do them. Tyler joined us in UT the Friday before Christmas and we were also lucky to have his parents in town.

Emma at her dance preformance.

He had a great time with all the cousins and I'm sure he will miss having them around along with the space. My parents have a black lab, I was worried that Chase would be afraid of her because she is so big but just the opposite. Every time the door opened he would walk up and call to for the dog, it was very cute, once she come up Chase would stick his hand out let her lick it. Don't worry I washed his hands every time.

We were lucky to have a white Christmas, it snowed every other day while we were there. We skied the day after Christmas, there were about 20 of us. We had a great time despite how cold it was. Let's just say it's been awhile since I skied in such cold weather. However, Tyler went up a couple days later and it was even colder (1 degree at the top). No thanks, I stayed home and went to lunch with my sisters.

With all the snow we had to take Chase sledding. I'm not sure if liked it or not but is was certenly entertaning for Tyler and I. Chase did however enjoy eating the snow.

We attended family Christmas parties and enjoyed seeing all the family we have in UT, it almost makes us (me) want to move back. However, we still love NYC and it truly feels like home and besides we just aren't ready to move.

Chase visiting Santa at the Brown family Christmas Party (My grandma Rogers family)

Chase and his cousin Micah

Chase and papa at the Stewart family Christmas party.

The cast of the annual Rogers family "Nativity" reenactment. Usually we use make shift customs but this year thank's to my aunt the primary president we had acutally customs.

Chase opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa

My youngest sister Stephanie got engaged on December 23rd we are very excited for her, the wedding date is set for May 3, 2008 in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.


Beth&Cody said...

Great pictures, especially of Chase sitting in the snow...classic! Congrats to your sister and friend who got engaged.

familia Bybaran said...

Awesome pictures. Please don't move back. Let Chase eat all the snow he can out there to get it out of his system because the snow in New York could kill him. Every time Cyra sees snow, she says: dog poop. She's probably right.

Mike Matthews said...

ohh man, little mikey is friggin' adorable....mind, what up with not having single people connected to your blog...that's crap!

Beth&Cody said...

I tagged you in case you want to play!