Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Do you ever have one of those week's you just can't wait to be over? Well, last week was that week, we still managed to get out and continue with our summer of no regrets even with an unhappy child. I'm not sure why Chase wasn't happy, but it was a really tough week, and after a few days . . . mom's patience began to wear. It didn't seem to matter what we did, or where we went, he just wasn't happy. We are happy to say . . . we are off to a much better start this week.

Last week we took advantage of "Pay what you wish" at the Bronx Zoo, I wish I could say Chase enjoyed it,however he wasn't feelin' it. We did manage to see the Gorilla Exhibit, which I really enjoyed, they are truly fascinating to watch.

Morgan, Eliot, Chase and Bella
Tyler and I had a date night (kind of) we were able to get tickets to Death Cab For Cutie at an outside venue in Brooklyn, McCarren Park Pool. We arrived just after they started playing, man I forgot how much I like their music, anyway about an hour-and-half into the show they suddenly stopped playing and said good night. The audience was a little or lot stunned, some guy gets on the stage and tells us that the show's over due to incoming weather and to get home safe. About the same time a huge gust of wind picks up, and everyone takes off running to the subway. We some how managed to miss the down pour while on our way home - however we were covered in dust. Here's a clip from the show...

Thursday we visited the Farmers Market and then headed down to Madison Square Park for the kids summer concert series. Chase danced around for a little bit but we ended up at the playground for most of the concert - we'll attempt to attend a couple more times before it ends.
Chase hanging out with the strollers at Madison Square Park

Friday Chase and I went to lunch with Stephanie L., a past young women, who is leaving the NYC for Nashville and then Canada and hopefully onto Europe after that, she's training in classical and contemporary ballet. Best of Luck Stephanie we had a great time.


Mike and Ariane said...

Death Cab for Cutie...we are jealous!
We are bummed we'll be missing Coldplay when they are in Boston (we'll be in Utah). Doh!

Oliver & Margy said...

Death Cab? Wish I'd known; totally would have been there lightning or not. Glad this week is a bit better than last! And I like the "Happy Father's Day picture.

Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

Very cute pictures. You guys are so great about taking advantage of the city. I admire your dedication for adventure.