Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Inwood to Battery Park and somewhere in between

Last week started out fairly mellow, visiting local parks and playgrounds, staying close to home; so needless to say by the end of the week I was itching to get out. Friday morning we headed up to Fort Tryon Park and Dyckman Farm. Fort Tryon Park was beautiful, the view of the Hudson along the flowers and trees in full bloom, for a moment I forgot I was in NYC. There are certain places in Central Park, Inwood, Riverside and others that allow you to block out the craziness of the busy city. It's wonder how you can be in the middle of Central Park and not see a skyscraper or hear the horn of a passing car, still after three years and countless visits to the park it still amazes me. What would we do without Central Park? Where would Chase and I spend our days?

One would think that after a visit to the Northern part of Manhattan, my fix for getting out would be filled, but you would be wrong. After Chase's nap and some searching on line, I decided to head downtown in hopes that Tyler would actually get off work in time for a free harbor cruise, part of the River to River festival. I ended up getting off the wrong subway stop and missed the cruise.  However, Chase and I met up with Tyler and walked through Battery City Park along the Hudson river with views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and New Jersey. It was a prefect night for a walk. 

Saturday morning I was still itching to get out, so when Chase woke up earlier than normal, we decided to head down and walk cross the Williamsburg Bridge.  Later that afternoon we headed down to Lincoln Square to take advantage of the 850 free concerts happening all over the NYC to kick off Summer.  Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Philharmonic Principle Brass, were playing, we had a great time, thanks Cody, Beth, Morgan, Ashley and Eliot for joining us.   Here are some fun/artistic pictures Tyler took of the day's events. 


Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

What an adventurer you are and what energy! You amaze me! I need to muster up the courage to do more things here in this great City. Thanks for including us in your adventures!

Mike and Ariane said...

Never a dull moment! Love the updates!

Rebecca said...

VERY impressed with all of your out and aboutness.