Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, minus the rain, attending Easter egg hunts, coloring eggs and spending time we friends.  On Saturday we colored eggs, Chase enjoyed it for all of one egg, but hey I had a good time; we then headed out in the rain to attend our wards Easter egg hunt. Chase had a great time and fortunately for me Chase doesn't really like candy so after he was done filling his basket, we were able to leave the all the goods there.  On Sunday we invited a bunch of friends over for dinner, we had a wonderful meal and great conversations.   

The nursery room was filled with candy and eggs for the little ones, that way they didn't have to compete with the older kids.  Chase loved putting the candy in his bucket and then dumping it out and doing all over again.
Sunglasses from the Easter bunny

Examining the eggs, Chase had a great time finding all the eggs the Easter bunny left for him.

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Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

Those pics are too cute! What fun for the little kids to have Easter activities at church.