Monday, July 20, 2009

I can't believe he is big enough to sit by himself on the subway...where did my little boy go?
A visit to the Bronx Zoo: 

River to River Festival: Opera, Magical Flute
He actually watching the opera...for about 10 min

If you can't tell Chase isn't much for family pictures
Riley 1 month old
Tyler turned 30 this last month, we celebrated with friends, homemade ice cream and 30 toppings...

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Beth, Cody, Morgan and Pepper said...

Happy 30th to Tyler! Everyone looks so great and it looks like you're having a great summer. We miss being there to help you guys celebrate but we send our love. Morgan still asks often to go to Chase's house and pulled out his photo album when we got back from our family trip to Maine. I think he was missing old friends.