Thursday, June 18, 2009

Since grandma left...

Wow, I can't believe Riley is 3 weeks old, how time fly's, I often look at her and am amazed how much she has changed.  Her hair is lighter, she is getting longer, slowly gaining weight and already has a little personality.   Chase loves to hold her and give her kisses, I do have to remind him to be soft and gentle with her.  Whenever she is asleep he goes up to her and say's "Riley wake up" until she wake's up, he also takes her pacifier out and then say's "mommy help" when he can't get it back in. 

In order to help Chase with all the changes, I've tired hard to make sure his schedule hasn't been interrupted as much as possible.  Although, I have a hard time sitting at home, it was nice to have my mom and sister here that first week or I'm not sure I would have had any rest. Anyway, as a result we have been out and about (weather permitting) most days, Riley has been a real trooper as we (mainly me) are still trying to get everything figured out. 

I also realized that I haven't taken a lot of pictures of Riley, I must work on it. 

The night my mom left, the kids and I headed over to 5th Ave. for the Museum Mile, we walked down the street with friends, enjoying music, storytelling and sidewalk chalk.  We had a great time.
While my mom was in town she bought some watercolor paints for Chase that just happen to be the shape of numbers, incase you didn't know Chase LOVES numbers, so I'm not sure which he liked more painting or the fact that they were numbers? 
Sleeping little Riley
When Chase first came to the hospital to see Riley we had her give Chase a present, a couple subway trains and additional train tracks.  He has loved playing with the trains and tracks and so has Tyler; although I'm not sure who likes it more.
Last weekend we headed down to the Big Apple BBQ we enjoyed pulled pork and delicious ribs.
Tuesday the kids and I headed down to Madison Square Park to enjoy a free kids concert from Elizabeth Mitchell.
A failed attempt at a family photo...


Mike and Ariane said...

You look great! And already out and about! Nice work! You make it look easy!

Beth, Cody, Morgan and Pepper said...

Great pictures. Good for you guys for getting out but honestly I would expect nothing less from you! It's such a great time to be in the city with kids!