Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Music New York

This week we celebrated the 1st day of summer with Make Music New York, over a 1000 free music concerts around NYC. We started it off by the Harlem Meer, listening to a piano player, playing one of the many "Play Me, I'm Your's" pianos that have been positioned around the NYC for anyone to play at anytime. We were able to meet up with a group of friends and head over to the Great Hill in Central Park for "Mission to Mars" world music. I was a little wary when we walked up and saw two guys setting up with a drum and a sitar, an instrument from India, however I was pleasantly surprised when the kids started dancing once the music started. The musicians where great and even let the kids play the drum.

We headed down to Lincoln Center to watch kids group from Hoboken, NJ called "The Fuzzy Lemons" who were teamed up with "Little Miss Matched" who were handing out free socks. We enjoyed the group so much that we picked up a CD which we have listened to every day since. As we walked up the Upper West Side we stopped along the way listening to different groups Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.

I look forward to this event each year and this year was especially fun with Chase, whether it was dancing to the sitar or listening to Beatles song or a piano player he enjoyed every minute.

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