Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The MTA Meltdown and Recovery

It is no secret that Chase LOVES the subway, he like many other New York kids are fascinated by it, he studies the maps and knows each stop and transfers. His speech therapist gave him a placemat with the subway map on it, it is by far one of the most played with "toys" in our house along with the toy subway trains (we have 7 of them). Chase is constantly "playing" subway conductor around the house, and every once in awhile he'll say a name of a stop, that is unfamiliar to me and he'll pull the map out and show me where it is. He know's his subway, which you can catch a glimpse of in the following account of what happened before bedtime a couple weeks ago.
Chase 's trains & photography
We were walking a long 23rd street when we past 6th Ave where the F, V trains stop and Chase noticed that the sign said F, M trains. I mentioned that the V train would stop running in a week or so and the M train would be replacing it, so many questions...and eventually we went on with our day. Severally hours later it was bedtime. Chase and I were laying on our bed getting ready to sing a few songs, he was almost asleep and then...

Chase - Why is the V train not working...
I tried my very best to explain to him why the MTA was cutting the V train services, to help with cost and so forth, the M train would replace it...
Then the tears started, he was crying for 20 minute about the V train. He was upset that the M train is now orange instead of brown, which then lead to him stating "I don't like the J M Z trains. I want the V train, its suppose to be orange, not the M train."

I couldn't help but smile as the tears ran down his face, I knew Chase loved the subway but I had know idea how passionate he was over lines/trains we never ride. The only way I was able to calm him down is by promising we would ride the V train before it was gone.

The promised V Train ride.

Thankfully, the Key to the City had just the place for us to go, Eddie's Ice Cream shop in Forest Hills, which allowed us to ride the V train all the way to the last stop.

As we wondered through Queens on our way to Eddies Ice Cream shop, we entered the Garden section of Forest Hill, and can I say it was beautiful. I never would have believe it except I saw it with my own 2 eyes...I couldn't help but take pictures of houses, Chase running on the lawn and walking down the sidewalk with grass on both sides.

Eddies, the key opened up a box where you could leave a message and a discount on yummy ice cream, I think the boys where in heaven.

Writing their message for the box
Chase loves his vanilla ice cream with sprinkles
We had a great day venturing out on the V train.

** It should be noted that I was a bit surprised he wasn't upset about the W train, which was also cut.

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Oliver & Margy said...

This story is amazing. I love Chase and his trains. And I'm sad I didn't get to ride the V train. Looks like a great adventure!